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November 13, 2003

Ohio Department of Education Provides Clarification on PSEO

Many homeschoolers in the Buckeye State are unaware that Ohio has two options for educating a child at home. The majority of homeschoolers operate under the homeschool statute, which requires them to notify their local superintendent of their intent to homeschool. The superintendent then issues an excuse from compulsory attendance for each student.

However, an increasing number of home educators are establishing non-chartered, non-tax supported schools ("08" schools) under Ohio Administrative Code 3301-35-08. While "08" schools must meet different standards (most notable of which is that teachers and administrators must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent), they also provide certain benefits not available under the homeschool statute. "08" schools are not required to submit any annual assessments, and they are eligible to participate in Ohio's Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) program.

The PSEO program was created by the Ohio Legislature and is administrated through the public schools. PSEO pays for certain college tuition expenses of qualifying students who have not yet graduated from high school, and allows the courses taken to be credited towards both high school graduation and a college degree. Because there has been some confusion over whether and how homeschoolers in an "08 school" can qualify for these funds, HSLDA asked the Department of Education to clarify the eligibility standards and procedures involved. The following letter is their response:

Ohio Department of Education letter regarding PSEO (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)