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Government: “we’ll help you raise your baby!” Um, no!

by Mike Smith • May 15, 2018

Your response has been heard—Assembly Bill 430 has been removed from active legislation and referred to a study committee during 2019-2020 when the legislature is not in session!

This is a major victory for children and parents. As you may recall, this bill would have required social workers to make in-person visits to the homes of parents of newborns, to “offer help.”  Ronald Reagan said the most feared words in the English language were, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Although not a direct attack on homeschooling freedom, it was a direct attack on family freedom. We joined the statewide Nevada Homeschool Network to inform you of this unprecedented attempt to invade the private realm of family integrity by attempting to gain access to the family home.

The bill identified “at-risk” families that would receive the visit, but we did not think the “at risk categories” formed a reasonable basis for social workers to approach families with new babies in their homes, with the intent to “look around.” There is already enough stress on a new mom and dad without adding the additional stress of dealing with a social worker at your door asking if they can help you raise your child. How insulting.

This proposal could come back in similar or different form in the 2021 legislative season, but we will work hard to keep that from happening. We’ll keep you informed.

Thank you for your response to this issue. This is what is called grassroots lobbying. You are at the root of the legislative process, and when you let the legislators know your views, it makes a difference.

And thank you for your support of HSLDA through your membership and donations.  Please let us know if we can help you or answer your questions.

Mike Smith


Mike Smith is an attorney, speaker, and homeschool movement leader with over 30 years of passionate advocacy for homeschooling families. Read more.

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