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December 8, 2005

Nevada Family Surprised at Night by Police and Social Worker

At 9:30, on a weekday evening in Las Vegas, an HSLDA member family received an unexpected visit from the police and a social worker. Less alert, due to the relatively late hour, the family allowed the police into their home after the social worker falsely stated "we do not need a search warrant to enter." The police, not the social worker, were allowed in and left scratching their heads because nothing was wrong. The family called the HSLDA 24 hour hotline and talked with HSLDA Attorney T.J. Schmidt who counseled them to refuse entry to the social worker.

Unfortunately, the social worker chose to make further threats to the family, and indicated that the visit was not sufficient because he was not allowed in and he had not seen and spoken with the children (who were asleep in bed).

Furthermore, the social worker refused to inform the family of the allegations against them. Failure to reveal the nature of the allegations at the initial time of contact violates the new law HSLDA helped enact with the help of Nevada homeschool leader Frank Schnorbus, and ironically the family being investigated. The new law also requires social workers to be trained in their duty to protect the constitutional rights of families. Regrettably, this social worker had not been trained yet.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Chris Klicka called the social worker and explained the law. Finally, the social worker revealed the allegations: there was feces all over the house, the children were home alone for an unknown number of days, there was no food in the house, the children were filthy and their clothes were dirty. All these allegations were false and the result of a malicious anonymous tipster.

Klicka verbally explained, and also wrote a letter, describing the various violations of the family's rights that were made during the investigation, as well as firmly stating that the family would not allow the social worker into their home, or allow the social worker to interview their children.

The family has not been pursued any further since HSLDA intervened.