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New Jersey
New Jersey

June 7, 2006
Police Officer Sticks His Foot in Family’s Door

“He will not take his foot out of my door!”

A member family in Lakewood received an unexpected visit by two social workers and two police officers at 10 p.m. one Friday in May. When the mom tried to close the door to call Home School Legal Defense Association, one of the police officers prevented her by forcing his foot in the door.

The family, nonetheless, called HSLDA’s emergency hotline and handed the phone over to the social worker to speak with HSLDA Attorney Chris Klicka.

After speaking with both social workers, Attorney Klicka found out that the allegations included a report that the children were hit with a rod, that these allegations were bogus, and were merely malicious attacks on the family’s character by an estranged son. Klicka explained this to one of the social workers, who still demanded to see enter the home and interview the children—she also asserted she would need to do a partial strip search!

Klicka would not give in and told the social worker that the family was standing on their Fourth Amendment rights to not allow the officials to enter. The social workers and police finally left after Klicka promised a report from the family’s doctor.

Attorney Klicka had the family provide the social worker with reports from a doctor who examined all the children, finding no evidence of abuse. In addition, the family faxed references from their pastor and community friends who vouched for their innocence.

Nevertheless, the social worker was not satisfied and threatened the family that she would obtain a court order to enter their home and interview the children if the family did not acquiesce.

Attorney Klicka sent a letter to the social worker on behalf of the family reiterating that the allegations were bogus, as proved by the numerous reports confirming the family’s good character. Klicka also explained in the letter the family’s legal rights and reiterated that the family declines the social worker’s request to enter their home and interview their children.

No word has been heard from the social worker since.

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