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New Hampshire
New Hampshire

April 4, 2017

Officials Agree to Stop Fishing for Extra Info


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In New Hampshire, a state known for its “Live Free or Die” motto, public school officials tend to leave homeschooling parents alone. Occasionally, however, a district will misinterpret the law and request that homeschooling families submit information the law doesn’t require.

Mike Donnelly MIKE DONNELLY Contact attorney for New Hampshire

One HSLDA member recently noticed that her school district’s website asked homeschooling parents to “please complete the following form . . . even if [the district] will not be your participating agent.”

This was disconcerting because New Hampshire homeschooling parents have the option to choose a nonpublic school principal as their “participating agency,” the entity they file their homeschool notification with.

So our member contacted us with her concerns.

As HSLDA’s contact attorney for New Hampshire, I wrote a letter to the public school superintendent clarifying that state law requires a parent to provide notice only to the participating agency, which may or may not be the district. I also pointed out that the district’s notification form requested information (student grade, telephone number, and type of evaluation used to assess the student) not required by law.

Within a few days, the district contacted me to let me know that they had corrected the website and notification form.

HSLDA works diligently to ensure that public school districts are informed of and abide by the law in their interactions with homeschooling families. We encourage our members to contact us right away if their school district attempts to require more than the law allows.