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Homeschool Dad Takes On Driver’s Ed Discrimination

by Dan Beasley • July 17, 2018

When his daughter enrolled in driver’s education, a homeschool dad discovered that his local school district was wait-listing all homeschool student registrants.

Upset by what appeared to be a clear case of discrimination, this dad reached out to HSLDA for guidance.

Mr. Tatum first learned about the unfair treatment when he received a response to his daughter’s registration for driver’s education. The email explained that though the district had received his payment, his daughter was being placed on a wait list “due to not being enrolled as a student in Bladen County Schools.”

Even though his daughter was first on the wait list, he wasn’t satisfied. Apparently, students previously on the wait list had to go find private lessons. Being a member of Home School Legal Defense Association, he called to verify whether this kind of treatment was legal.

It’s the Law

North Carolina statutes specifically include homeschool students in the eligibility guidelines for driver’s education programs offered through the school district. I explained this to Mr. Tatum, and offered to contact the school district on his behalf about the unfair treatment.

But this wasn’t necessary, because Mr. Tatum took the issue into his own hands. He contacted the school official with whom he previously communicated, referenced the statute, and explained that he would be turning the issue over to HSLDA. Then he waited for a response.

And he got one.

The school district promptly placed his daughter’s registration in the order it was received—just the news he was hoping for. And what’s even better is that other homeschool students will now benefit from his proactive advocacy.

I’m grateful we could play a small part in this positive change for homeschooling in North Carolina, and I applaud Mr. Tatum’s diligence!

Dan Beasley

Staff Attorney

Dan is an attorney and homeschool graduate who provides legal guidance and answers questions for HSLDA member families in 13 states. Read more.

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