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North Carolina
North Carolina

February 16, 2016

Your Son is Sick? See You in Court!


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A member family’s son had been suffering from a prolonged illness that was affecting his regular attendance at public school. Despite doctors’ notes and notices from the boy’s mother verifying that he wasn’t playing hooky, the school attendance officer was skeptical and threatened the mother with truancy court.


That’s when the family decided homeschooling would be the best option for their son—it would allow them to craft a custom-tailored education plan for him and lessen the negative effects of his illness. After some quick research online, the family joined Home School Legal Defense Association and received all the legal forms and information to begin their homeschool journey … or so they thought.

The assistant principal was not satisfied with the family’s formal withdrawal notice and told the family they could not withdraw their son from school until they completed additional requirements not authorized by North Carolina law.

The family immediately turned to HSLDA, and Daniel Beasley (HSLDA contact attorney for North Carolina) contacted the principal on their behalf. He explained that the family was in full compliance with North Carolina homeschool law and their son should not be treated as absent.

After receiving HSLDA’s correspondence, the principal was quick to cooperate and allow the family to begin homeschooling.

The mother reports that that the transition has gone smoothly and there have been no problems since.

HSLDA routinely deals with overzealous school officials who attempt to force their own flawed interpretation of state homeschool laws upon law-abiding families. We commend school officials like those in Union County, who change their approach when we inform them about the law.

If you are not a member of HSLDA or have a friend who is not a member, please consider joining for the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced homeschool attorney just a phone call away!