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Homeschool Graduate Cleared for Hiring, But Too Late

by Scott Woodruff • November 13, 2018

A Missouri homeschool graduate applied to work for a pharmaceutical company in Missouri. When he mentioned that he was homeschooled, a company representative told him that this would be no problem, and that in fact several other homeschool graduates already worked for the company.

But some snags developed when the pharmaceutical company used a third-party background check organization to confirm that he was a high school graduate. The background checkers asked for “independent 3rd party or verifiable party (state, certified program, umbrella school, etc.) for your homeschool education.”

In a follow-up communication, a representative of the pharmaceutical company asked the graduate to provide documentation that his homeschool was a “bona fide private school under the laws of Missouri,” and cautioned that “…if you do not have documentation to support a USA Equivalency or GED, you will not pass pre-hire requirements.”

When the graduate tried to explain how the homeschool laws in Missouri really work, the company representative said, “Your tentative job offer has been rescinded due to failure to pass the pre-hire requirements.”

When the graduate asked HSLDA for help, I wrote a letter of support. I explained the validity of his diploma against the notion that it must meet “USA Equivalency” (which does not exist). I rebutted the assertion that his diploma needed any backup aside from that of the parent who issued it. Finally, I explained the different legal foundations on which Missouri homeschools and private schools rest.

Though we sent a number of reminders, the company was slow to respond. Finally, nine weeks later, the company cleared the graduate to be hired. By that time, however, he had found another job he really liked and had no desire to switch. The company lost access to a highly qualified young person who would have been an asset to their program.

Scott Woodruff

Senior Counsel

Scott is a seasoned attorney and homeschool advocate with decades of involvement in homeschool legal issues and cases. Read more.

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