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“It’s Difficult to Call That Anything But Discrimination”

by Scott Woodruff • October 9, 2018

With a teen approaching driving age, a Missouri homeschool mom asked if AAA, her auto insurance carrier, would give her a good student discount. AAA responded and said that for public school students, a grade point average of B is sufficient to qualify, but homeschool students must take a standardized test and score in the top 20%.

When the mom asked HSLDA for help, I wrote a letter to the AAA representative. I explained that AAA’s policy discriminated against homeschool families. A student with a B average does not stand out. Nationally, a 3.0 is merely average according to the National Center for Education Statistics. A student thus needs to be no better than average to get the AAA discount if he attends a public or private school.

A Big Difference

But scoring in the top 20% of a standardized test is a much higher distinction. Only 20% of students can score at that level (by definition). Therefore, a homeschool student must earn a significant distinction to earn the AAA discount, but a public or private school student only needs to be average. It’s difficult to call that anything but discrimination.

I also pointed out that AAA’s competitor USAA honors the grade point average submitted by homeschool parents. I noted that according to Dr. Lawrence Rudner’s landmark study, the average homeschooled 8th grader scores at the 12th grade level on standardized tests.

Two days later, I received a disappointing letter in which the AAA representative said she was sticking to her guns.

But two weeks later she contacted the family and said AAA would honor the parent-generated GPA and apply the good student discount.

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Scott Woodruff

Senior Counsel

Scott is a seasoned attorney and homeschool advocate with decades of involvement in homeschool legal issues and cases. Read more.

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