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May 9, 2016

HSLDA to Court: Let Grandma Teach!


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After a judge questioned the homeschool program of a Missouri member who was teaching her grandchildren, HSLDA helped her set the record straight.

Litigation attorney

In the fall of 2015, a non-homeschooling incident led to an investigation of the family that was quickly closed in the family’s favor. But since the local family court has had guardianship of the children for years, despite the children living with their grandmother, a report was made to the court.

The judge summoned the grandmother to discuss whether homeschooling was the best educational option for the children. The judge requested the children’s court-appointed guardian review their education, and he set a hearing to examine the matter in April.

When the grandmother contacted HSLDA, she explained that she had curriculum and evidence proving that she was homeschooling in compliance with Missouri law. Because presenting this evidence in court was essential in this case, HSLDA immediately arranged for an educational specialist to evaluate the children and review their homeschool program.

The specialist visited with the family, reported favorably on their homeschool program, and recommended additional materials that could aid the children’s learning. Because the family was unable to immediately purchase the recommended items, the Home School Foundation assisted in obtaining supplemental curriculum and a computer for the member to use in teaching the children.

After HSLDA sent the court-appointed guardian the specialist’s report on the grandmother’s homeschooling, the guardian was so satisfied with the level of education the children were receiving that the judge canceled the hearing he had set for April. Our member is now free to teach her children at home.

The educational specialist told us afterwards, “How fortunate she is to have your organization in her corner!” Our support of this member—and the tens of thousands of homeschoolers across the nation and the world—is a direct result of your support of HSLDA. Join us to keep homeschooling free for your family and for others.