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April 7, 2015

HSLDA Defends Family against Truancy Charges

Mike Donnelly Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly answers questions and assists members regarding legal issues in Minnesota. He and his wife homeschool.

Although they had previously homeschooled, a Minnesota family decided to enroll their son in public school this year. However, after his enduring repeated bouts of illness, the parents decided to withdraw their son to homeschool once again. Accordingly, the mother notified the district that the family would be homeschooling.

Several days later, the mother was contacted by the school truant officer who said he had no record of the homeschooling notification. She returned to the school district’s homeschooling office and again provided the required documentation.

Contacted Again

Nearly a month later, the school contacted the family another time, this time with a letter, despite having proof that the son was being homeschooled. The mother spoke with the truant officer once more and believed the matter to be resolved. However, the school decided to pursue truancy charges.

The family reached out to HSLDA regarding the truancy proceedings the school had begun. HSLDA attorney Mike Donnelly spoke with the local prosecutor prior to the family’s hearing and detailed their situation and compliance with Minnesota law. Furthermore, he informed the prosecutor, the son had already been tested subsequent to his renewed homeschooling and showed academic progress beyond what the law required.

Once apprised of the situation, the prosecutor dropped the case against the family.

HSLDA encourages families to keep records of their correspondence with school districts so that if their homeschooling is ever questioned, they can verify their compliance with the law.

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