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April 5, 2006

Don't Mess With Homeschoolers!

When the time comes to make a difference, homeschoolers have shown themselves to be willing to take up the challenge and stand for freedom. Freedom-loving families in Minnesota have demonstrated this legislative season that they have what it takes to win the battle for liberty.

When three Senators introduced Senate File 2124, they probably did not have any idea the firestorm it could create. This bill would lower the compulsory attendance age by two years, subjecting Minnesota homeschoolers to the requirements of the homeschool laws for two additional years. That is not the sort of legislation a freedom-loving family would stand for-and Minnesota families made their love of liberty very clear.

Pam von Gohren was on the ground in Minnesota, fighting against the compulsory attendance change, and reports, "The rapid response of vigilant parent-educators was again noted by those in leadership at the Capitol. Repeatedly, I heard the incredulous observation that the bill's author ought to have known not to mess with home educators!"

HSLDA has been assured that S.F. 2124 is as good as dead-committee leaders are not going to hear the bill this legislative season. While constant vigilance is always necessary, homeschoolers have again formed the front lines of a campaign for freedom!

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