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Public School District Says State “Expects” All to Use Online System

by Scott Woodruff • July 10, 2019

The effort of the Maine Department of Education to induce all homeschool families to use an online process they created is spawning confusion.

A Lewiston-area family received a letter from a school representative saying that the Department of Education “is expecting all parents to enter homeschool information online.” I contacted the representative to get a little clarification. I said:

Your letter says the Department “expects” families to use their online system for submitting an initial or subsequent year notice. I suppose it’s interesting to know what the Department “expects.” A much more important question, of course, is what is required.

Are homeschool families required to use the Department’s online system and forms, or is it optional?

She replied and said that she had misunderstood something she had received from the Department, and that using the online process is optional. Homeschool families can make a contribution toward minimizing confusion by taking a few minutes to become well-informed.

Read here for additional background.

Scott Woodruff

Senior Counsel

Scott is a seasoned attorney and homeschool advocate with decades of involvement in homeschool legal issues and cases. Read more.

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