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September 23, 2013

Wicomico Oversteps Boundaries

Scott Woodruff answers questions and assists members regarding legal issues in Maryland. He and his wife homeschooled their children. Read more >>

The Wicomico County Board of Education recently sent a letter to area homeschool families that misquoted and misapplied the Maryland homeschool regulations and made improper demands.

The letter referred to the annual verification incorrectly as a “notice of continuation,” and asked families to submit their verification on a form when no form is required. The letter also asked families to submit the verification and any change of status to the school system, even though families in umbrella programs are required to submit these only to their umbrella program—not the school system.

The letter asked families to submit “proof of enrollment” in an umbrella program, but there is no such requirement under the Maryland homeschool regulations. The form enclosed in the letter sought to obtain a great deal of information from families that they are not required to submit.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott A. Woodruff faxed a response to the board of education and asked the author to send a letter of correction to homeschool families. Woodruff’s response, which includes a complete analysis of the many ways the letter and form overstepped the boundaries of the Maryland homeschool regulations, can be read here.

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