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November 22, 2002

Massachusetts Superintendent in Need of Education

With the overwhelming success and expansion of homeschooling over the years, it is sometimes difficult to believe that there are still people who are adamantly opposed to home education. HSLDA recently encountered one such case of hostility in Revere, Massachusetts.

The Stillman family (not their real name), new members with HSLDA, sent in the required letter of intent to the superintendent of Revere Public Schools, and assumed that a letter of approval would be forthcoming. What the Stillmans in fact received, in late October, was a shocking message left on their answering machine by Dr. Vince Malaiko, an attendance officer with the school district. Dr Malaiko said:

Hi Mrs. [Stillman], this is Dr. Malaiko. Uh, what you sent me is totally unacceptable. Uh, I expect to hear from you sometime today. Uh, if I don't hear from you today, then I'm going to be forced to take action. Uh, I can be rea—Oh, I want her enrolled in school. The telephone number is (781) 485-2748. This is totally unacceptable, and this is disgusting- what you've done to this girl. I am totally appalled.

Dr. Malaiko failed to specify in his message exactly what part of the Stillman family's notification was "totally unacceptable," "disgusting," or "appalling." HSLDA is working with the family and government officials involved to make sure that this family's right to homeschool is not jeopardized simply because of one man's extremely negative attitude.

The Stillmans are not the only family in Revere to suffer from Dr. Malaiko's hostility. HSLDA represents another family in town that has had even worse experiences. Please pray for homeschoolers in Revere and elsewhere who face hostile school officials like Dr. Malaiko.