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November 3, 2006

Family Hits Bull’s-Eye in Saving Archery Program

For several years the Oka family has been involved in archery. The Okas began using archery as part of their physical education course for their homeschool program and several of their children have participated in various archery competitions. However, the Okas were nearly prohibited from continuing this activity late last school year.

The Oka family has made archery a part of their homeschool program for years. Thanks to the help of Home School Legal Defense Association, the Okas will be able to continue participating in the sport within the their city’s municipal limits.

After learning that their city was set to add archery to the current ordinance banning projectiles from being fired within municipal limits, Mr. Oka testified in defense of the benefits of archery for schoolchildren. Kentucky has been a leader in promoting archery as a physical education course for students of all sizes and abilities with the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).

Due to favorable testimony the city council agreed to not prohibit schools from conducting archery programs. School officials who desired to initiate an archery program for schoolchildren could apply for a permit.

However, several comments were made by council members that private homeschools should be prohibited from being allowed to apply or gain approval for this permit. Some of these statements expressed the desire that no private homeschool parents should be able to have an archery program for their children.

Due to the concerns that private homeschools might be eliminated from applying for the permit, Mr. and Mrs. Oka contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for help.

HSLDA prepared a letter to the city administrator who was charged with developing the archery permit process. After explaining the legal status of private homeschools in Kentucky, our attorney urged that the permit process treat all schools equally and ensure that homeschools could participate in the process.

After receiving our letter, the city completed the permit process to allow private homeschool programs to apply for an archery permit. The Okas applied for and received the first permit to conduct an archery program for their homeschool program. Since that time Mr. Oka has become a certified archery instructor with NASP and is teaching another archery program in a residence home for foster children in the same city.

 Other Resources

Anyone interested in adding archery to their homeschool program can visit the National Archery in the School Program.