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August 20, 2013

Revolutionary Improvements to Iowa Homeschool Law: A Summary

On May 22, the Iowa Legislature passed a bill that revolutionized Iowa’s homeschool law when it became effective on July 1. Most families knew very little about the bill, House File (HF) 215, because the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators (NICHE) and HSLDA opted for a quiet but effective legislative strategy and did not ask families to make phone calls.

The bill made so many improvements to the homeschool law that rather than try to cover them all in one article, HSLDA presented them in a series. These articles are summarized below.

Improvement I: Independent Private Instruction Arrives July 1

Under Iowa law, homeschooling has officially been labeled as a type of “competent private instruction” or CPI—a category that includes four separate education models. HF 215 creates an entirely new option: “Independent Private Instruction,” or IPI, that is far simpler and involves dramatically less red tape than has historically been connected with CPI.
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Improvement II: Driver’s Education Blossoms

One of the many conditions for a person under age 18 to obtain an intermediate or full driver’s license is completing a driver education program. Section 100 of HF 215 for the first time ever in Iowa allows a parent to provide the driver education.
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Improvement III: More on New “Private Instruction” Homeschool Option

HF 215 turns “private instruction” into a stand-alone homeschool option. The only requirements are the three contained within the definition itself: “instruction using a plan and course of study in a setting other than a public or organized accredited nonpublic school.” You must therefore: (1) provide instruction: (2) use a plan; and (3) use a course of study. Read Part 3 >>

Improvement IV: The Five Homeschool Options Compared

With the enactment of HF 215, Iowa families now have five lawful options from which to choose when embarking on the homeschool voyage. Bear in mind that if you are going to file a Form A, it is due September 1.
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