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January 26, 2017

University Requires Special Test for Homeschool Graduates


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I recently wrote Kennesaw State University (KSU) regarding an admission policy that singles out homeschool graduates for additional testing.

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A homeschool graduate brought this to my attention after he was told that he would not be admitted unless he took a “national standardized high school summation exam” in addition to the ACT—which he had already taken. His ACT scores were good, and the additional exam would not have been required if he had graduated from public or private school.

This homeschool graduate was not seeking special treatment. Rather, he wanted to be treated just like any other high school graduate.

So why was he subjected to this additional admissions requirement? Because he was homeschooled.

Additional Requirement

KSU’s formal admissions policy requires homeschooled applicants to take an additional exam (in addition to ACT or SAT scores) even though such an exam is not required by Georgia homeschool law.

Homeschool graduates are eligible for financial aid through the HOPE and Zell Miller state scholarship programs based on their ACT or SAT score. Additionally, these applicants qualify for federal financial aid as long as they self-certify their compliance with state homeschool law—facts I recently pointed out to KSU’s president.

KSU’s requirement that homeschool graduates take an additional “high school summation exam” is duplicative and unnecessary since the ACT or SAT is already required. It is neither legally mandated for homeschoolers, nor required of traditionally educated students.

I am hopeful that KSU will consider revising its admission policy so that it no longer places additional burdens on a student based solely on where the student received his or her high school education. In the meantime, please notify me if you experience homeschool discrimination when seeking college admission.

Please feel free to contact my office should you have any questions.