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December 5, 2006

Surprise Phone Call from a Social Worker

The Brennans, members in Florida, received a surprise phone call from the local public school social worker after the family started homeschooling this year. The social worker asked for the name of the institution where the Brennans’ child was registered to be homeschooled.

As required by Florida law, the family had already given their notice of homeschooling to local public school officials. This is all that they are required to do until a year later when the annual assessment is due.

Although surprised by the request, the mother had the presence of mind to ask for it in writing so that she could be sure of what was being asked.

Sure enough, the social worker and the local public school principal sent a letter which requested documentation of where the child was “registered” to be homeschooled. The Brennans forwarded the request to the Home School Legal Defense Association. Chris Klicka, HSLDA Senior Counsel, then wrote the school. He explained Florida law and demonstrated that the family was in compliance. As Florida homeschool law requires only an initial notice and an annual evaluation thereafter, this family was not required to submit any further documentation and therefore would not do so.

Since HSLDA sent the letter to the school, the Brennans have not been bothered with any more illegal demands.