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August 31, 2006

Rude Social Worker Accuses Homeschool Mom of Using Drugs

A single homeschool mom received an unexpected visit from a social worker who intimidated her way into the family’s apartment, then insisted on speaking to both mother and daughter regarding an anonymous tip. The tipster claimed that the single mother was using drugs and thereby endangering her child.

The social worker was harsh and discourteous. After frightening both the mother and her daughter, the social worker promised to come back.

On August 16, the family received their second visit from the social worker, but this time they were prepared. The mother called attorney Chris Klicka at the Home School Legal Defense Association and asked him for advice. He counseled her not to let the social worker into the home. He then asked to speak to the social worker.

The mother handed the phone to the social worker so Klicka could explain the family's rights. At this point the social worker got very upset, loud, and belligerent. Reluctantly, the social worker finally left.

Klicka then sent a letter on behalf of the family to the social worker explaining that the mother had some minor medical issues for which she used drugs her doctor prescribed. These were not mind-altering drugs. In addition, Klicka had the mother send to the social worker various letters of references from those who knew her and could vouch for her innocence. He also had the mother provide to the social worker her doctor’s contact information so that the social worker could verify that the mother was using drugs legally.

Klicka concluded the letter stating that the case should be closed, as more than enough evidence was provided to prove the family’s innocence.

The social worker has not contacted the family or attorney Chris Klicka since.