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August 22, 2016

Public School Just Can’t Let Go


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Peter Kamakawiwoole, Esq. PETER KAMAKAWIWOOLE
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More than a year after a Connecticut family withdrew their son to homeschool, public school officials were still contacting them to discuss services that the school could offer to their son with special needs.

The family contacted Home School Legal Defense Association. They showed us a letter they’d gotten from their local public school requesting their presence at an IEP (individualized education plan) meeting for their 11-year-old son.

An IEP is a specialized plan that public schools follow when adapting a school schedule to a child’s needs. When a child with an IEP withdraws from the public school, he or she usually withdraws from the IEP as well.

Because the family had withdrawn their son from the school over a year ago, HSLDA Staff Attorney Peter Kamakawiwoole let them know that they were not obligated to respond to the school or attend the meeting.

But the school went ahead with the meeting and sent the parents a full report. Even though the school officials had not seen the son for an evaluation since his withdrawal from the public school, they included a recommendation of behavioral modifications in the report. At this point it was apparent that the school was going to persist with the IEP. The family again contacted HSLDA, asking us to respond to the school.

Kamakawiwoole immediately wrote the school, requesting that officials cancel the homeschooled student’s IEP and stop asking for meetings, because he was no longer enrolled there. Kamakawiwoole communicated the parents’ desire to decline all extra services from the school.

After receiving our letter, the principal responded to Kamakawiwoole, acknowledging that the IEP and all future meetings had been cancelled.