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October 31, 2007

State Turns Its Back on Traditional Families

There has been much discussion about the impact of S.B. 777, the sexual orientation bill, and what it means for your family.

It is important to know that this bill does not impact homeschoolers who are not receiving government education funding. For this reason HSLDA, and Family Protection Ministries (FPM), our partners in California on legislative matters, did not actively oppose this bill, even though we closely monitored it to make sure it would not affect private homeschoolers. S.B. 777, however, will have a significant impact on all public and some private education in California.

When California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed S.B. 777, on October 12, 2007, many were legitimately concerned. This new law will significantly impair speech supporting the traditional family from being heard in California public schools. This is accomplished by making it illegal for school officials to teach the well established Judeo-Christian principles concerning the family.

Every California parent needs to know what is happening in their public school system. To this end, HSLDA encourages you to share this information with friends, relatives, and church leaders. We believe that Christian leaders throughout California will conclude that the public school is no longer serving the best interests of families and that alternative methods of education need to be promoted.

HSLDA has been at the forefront of homeschooling for nearly 25 years. During this time, homeschooling has proven itself to be a superior form of education. If you’ve experienced the blessings of homeschooling, we strongly urge you to communicate with other parents who are concerned about the direction of public schools to consider homeschooling.

Remember, S.B. 777 also affects charter schools. We agree with Roy Hanson of FPM that the institutions covered by S.B. 777 include:

  1. an educational institution that receives, or benefits from, state financial assistance, or
  2. an educational institution that enrolls pupils who receive state student financial aid. Private homeschoolers, of course, do not fall under either of these categories.

Please share this important information about the consequences of S.B. 777, and the possibility of homeschooling, with your friends, relatives and church leaders.

 Other Resources

For more information, please read the joint HSLDA & FPM analysis of S.B. 777 ( requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)