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Texas District Fences Off PSAT from Homeschool Teen
Several public schools in this district refused to allow a homeschool teen to register to take a national scholarship exam at their campuses.

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7/16/2019Commissioner to schools: “Treat homeschoolers right!”

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 Active Cases

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 Key Texas Cases

Texas v. Brown Family
School District Filed Truancy Charges for Illness

Texas v. Fillman* family
Justice of the Peace Thanks HSLDA for Assistance with Truancy Case

Texas v. Criswell family
False Report to Children Protective Services

Texas v. Heidenreich family
Homeschool Family Charged With 'Failure to Attend'

Texas v. Johnson family
Homeschool Family Charged With Truancy

Texas v. Rivera family
Homeschool Family Grilled in Court for an Hour

Texas v. McAuliffe family
Homeschool Truancy Charge Continued Over Missing Textbooks

Texas v. Simmons Family
Son arrested for truancy

Texas v. Anderson
New homeschooling family charged with truancy

Texas v. Leonard family
School district prosecutes homeschooling family

Texas Education Agency et. al. v. Leeper, et. al.

In the Interest of A.B.

State of Texas v. Diana Billingslea

State of Texas v. Patricia Rogers

State v. Dorcas Hill

State of Texas v. Richard G.

City of Balch Springs v. Edmon James

State of Texas v. Gini H.

State v. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ortiz

State v. Family of P

State v. Mrs. E

State v. Mr. & Mrs. B
Parents charged with violating attendance law

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