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Employment Non-Discrimination Laws

Long-Overdue Improvements to Homeschool Law Are Closer to Reality
Yesterday the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee voted in favor of moving House Bill 1139 toward enactment. Committee members received many supportive phone calls from the homeschool community, which was very helpful.

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 Active Cases

The Swearengin Case
Missouri Circuit Court Judge R. Craig Carter of Ava has attempted to summon a homeschooling family to appear before a court that doesn’t exist. HSLDA is pursuing legal action in the Missouri Supreme Court.

HSLDA to Missouri Court of Appeals: Stop Illegal “Truancy Court”
On April 1, HSLDA asked the Missouri Court of Appeals to order Circuit Court Judge R. Craig Carter of Ava to stop his attempt to summon a homeschooling family to appear before a court that doesn’t exist.

Eighth Circuit Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Homeschoolers
A federal appeals court ruled unanimously in favor of HSLDA members Ron and Joann Fitzgerald on Wednesday and held that school districts may not force homeschooled children to submit to special—needs evaluations against their parents' wishes.

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