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May 2016

African parents share a vision for home education

By Olga Kyazze

Parents at the first Homeschoolers Uganda Group meeting

After three weeks of sending out invitation via the social media and talking to some parents, the intended day arrived. It was Saturday, February 13, 2016: an afternoon just perfect for what happened to be the first homeschooler meeting for many in the country. Though in the past there have been a few attempts of homeschoolers to come together, it was a generation of families most of whose children are now grown and graduating from universities. There is however, a growing young generation of new parents who are looking of alternatives in raising their children in our rapidly changing society.

Parents present at the meeting at Red Rose Restaurant in Kampala introduced themselves as they arrived, and in the end, there was a quorum of 20—including a young lady who had been homeschooled all through her pre-college years.  This was quite an inspiration to many first-time homeschoolers in the group who did not think anyone had done this in Uganda!

The Homeschoolers Uganda Group (HUG) is an initiative of Master’s Institute for Education (MIE), a Ugandan organization that is working toward the redemption of Africa’s education system with a biblical perspective. Among other things, MIE feels that there is need for an alternative to the current systems of our country including education, but not simply alternatives for alternative’s sake, but the kind of alternatives which would promote truth as revealed in the Holy Word in every aspect of our society.

HUG’s vision therefore is: “The African parent, taking complete charge of the way their children should go.”Godfrey Kyazze, MIE’s CEO, shared with the parents that MIE is focusing on five main areas:

  • Promoting home-based education
  • Developing curriculum and other education resources
  • Developing a Christian college
  • Advocacy
  • Networking and partnerships

It was a very enthusiastic and interactive session, with a mixture of both homeschooling parents and those interested but not yet sure. Many questions were raised, ranging from how one could deal with the lies in some syllabi, such as, those regarding the origin of man or life; socialization of children; the legality of homeschooling in Uganda; options regarding assessment or examinations; and others were concerned as to whether HUG is typically a Christian group or non-Christians could be part of it.  Both I and my husband labored to address these issues in the meeting.

The meeting ended with a way forward, in which the parents agreed and committed to continue having these kind of meetings once every two months. They requested to have teachings and some kind of training to help them be more acquainted with the idea of homeschooling. Some of the particular issues they requested to be addressed were how to start homeschooling and how to go about everything to do with homeschooling. This fits exactly into what MIE’s plans and we look forward to our job in the coming months and years!

Olga Kyazze is a homeschooling mother of three and leader in growing homeschool community in Uganda together with her husband Godfrey. Send them an email.

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