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February 2016

Taiwanese President-elect Supports Homeschooling

By Tim Chen

On January 16, Taiwan elected its first female President, Dr. TSAI Ing-wen. In her education policy white paper, Dr. Tsai endorses alternative education as a means to diversifyy learning opportunities.  Dr. Tsai calls for all levels of the government to support experimental education, home education, internet learning and other new types of alternative educational paths in order to suit different education needs of the students and to protect the citizen’s right to education.

Taiwan is one of the most progressive countries in the world with regard to home education policy. Parents can apply to home educate their children between ages 6 and 18 and receive a state-recognized diploma. High school age students receive a USD $1,000 tuition subsidy per semester. Taiwan had nearly 3,000 students between compulsory eduation ages who were educated outside the public or private school system in 2015.

For the full text of Dr Tsai's education policy in Chinese please visit the link below:

Tim Chen is the chief organizer for Taiwan Homeschool Advocates, a national homeschooling support group.

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