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September 30, 2011

Homeschoolers in Asia Carry the Torch


Students and sponsors have traveled all the way from Russia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to the exciting 3rd annual TEACH ASIA Student Convention held at Trinity Theological College, Singapore from June 26–30th, 2011. 150 homeschooled students were able to develop and share their God-given talents during these five days. It was a great time of fellowship and encounter with the Lord.

Carry the Torch

The theme “Carry the Torch” for TASC 2011 was based on Psalm 43:3. “O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me ~ Psalm 43:3.” We had the privilege of having Mr. Len Stolyarchuk from Russia to share his thoughts about Carrying the Torch during the evening rallies. Mr. Randy Teo, founder of TEACH ASIA wrapped up the meaning of Carrying the Torch on the Wednesday night rally with a special guest speaker, Mr. Gurmit Singh. Mr. Gurmit shared his wonderful testimony and how the Lord has used Him to shine for Him.

In addition to evening rallies and motivational speakers, students also enjoyed great times of badminton, futsal, and track and field events during the week. The program also included a cultural awareness segment.

As organizers of this event, we have enjoyed serving the LORD from the preparations to the days of the convention. It was a blessing to see the lives of the children touched. We can boldly say that this was a victorious and successful 3rd TEACH ASIA Student Convention because of the Lord’s presence. May we continue to Carry the Torch and shine for the Lord in the place He has placed us in.

Please visit the TEACH ASIA website for a video and photos from the convention.

TEACH ASIA has 300 enrolled homeschoolers from Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Jakarta, Indonesia. They provide a legal covering, offer distance learning, use School of Tomorrow/ACE, use English, teach English as second language, provide a network of veteran homeschoolers to help and train others, and have been in the ministry for over 15 years.

Learn more by visiting HSLDA’s Singapore page.