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October 3, 2016

Stand with Poland, Sign the Petition

Thousands Demand Withdrawal of New Anti-Homeschooling Regulations


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Thousands of Polish parents and education activists are taking action against new regulations proposed by the Polish Minister of Education.

Mike Donnelly MIKE DONNELLY HSLDA Director of Global Outreach

The proposed regulations impose additional burdens on parents seeking to opt out of the Polish public school system.

The regulations mark a turning point in Polish education policy which had affirmed the Polish homeschool movement. Under current Polish law, parents have a constitutional right to school their children at home. Article 16 of the Polish Education Act also recognizes that parents have a right to apply for homeschooling at any point during the school year. This right of parents has been peacefully exercised in Poland since 1991.

An international online petition started by Emilia Budajczak addresses Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, asking that she promptly withdraw the controversial rule changes and preserve the current state of homeschool freedom in Poland. The petition reaffirms home education as a major benefit to society, calling the new regulations “harmful to Polish families.’

The petition acknowledges the previously friendly relationship between homeschoolers and the state.

Sign the Petition

HSLDA commends the thousands of Polish home educators making their voices heard through the new online petition, and stands alongside the Polish Association for Home Education as it takes an active role in preserving Poland’s current atmosphere of homeschool freedom.

Budajczak’s petition remains open until October 16, 2016, and still needs several thousand participants to meet its goal of 5,000 signatures.

The petition is not nation-specific, and remains open to citizens of all countries to show their international support. We urge HSLDA members from around the world to read and sign the petition here. Home education is a global movement that benefits children and families and is a choice in education that all countries should respect.

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