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February 20, 2014

Conference Attracts International Speakers

By Mary Jack

The Norwegian Homeschool Association (NHUF), in collaboration with the University of Oslo, held a conference entitled “Home Education: Mainstream Tomorrow,” from January 19–20, 2014. It was a great success—a combination of academics, grassroots homeschoolers and international visitors. We had participants from eight countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. The two days focused on home education research, the Norwegian experience, and home education internationally.

With 13 talks in two days, we featured sessions by Dr. Christian Beck from the University of Oslo, Jonas Himmelstrand, president-in-exile of the Swedish homeschool organization Rohus, as well as education professors, veteran homeschooling parents, and researchers such as Paula Rothermel from the UK and Thomas Spiegler from Germany.

Marta Straume from Bergen also spoke about her experiences acting for many years as a supervisory teacher for homeschool families in Western Norway. Norwegian law requires families to be monitored by a school authority, and Ms. Straume has been a friendly supervisor and help to families.

The whole event was organised in three months using a Facebook group. We’re keeping the group active as a discussion forum, since there is such a variety of people connected on it through the conference. We look forward to the next conference!

Mary Jack is secretary for NHUF, the national homeschool organization in Norway.

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