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June, 2011

How to Homeschool in Luxembourg

Education is compulsory from ages 4 to 16 and is governed by the law on education, Loi du 6 février 2009 relative à l’obligation scolaire. Article 9 of the law provides the home education option and further regulations for homeschoolers are found in Ch II, § 1 and Ch III, § 4:

  • Parents who wish to give their child home schooling must seek approval from the district inspector;
  • Families who do not inform the city hall at least one month before the beginning of school whether the child will be taught in public school, private school or at home will have their student automatically enrolled in a public school;
  • This authorization to homeschool may be limited in time;
  • Homeschool families may get together to teach their children, but there may not be more than three homeschool families altogether;
  • Homeschool families must teach the school program, which includes usual teaching as well as study of German and Luxemburgish languages and religious and moral studies;
  • The home schooling is subject to review each year by the inspector; children whose families refuse these inspections or families who provide a deficient education will be enrolled in public school.

It seems that homeschooling in Luxembourg may be quite free or quite regulated, depending on the particular inspector. Some inspectors require families to follow the Luxembourgish school program, while others choose not to inspect homeschool families and let them choose their own program.

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