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February 20, 2014

Homeschooler to study ballet in Germany

By Haruto Yoshii

One of our member families has a student who will soon be moving to Germany to continue her ballet training. Hikari Kirito is a smart 14-year-old who has grown up being homeschooled by her parents. She has a natural talent for ballet that has been developed and refined by studying at one of the Japanese ballet schools.

Recently, the way was opened for Hikari to study ballet in Munich, Germany as she qualified for entrance to a vocational ballet school.

We at the Association of HomeSchoolers in Christ are praying for Hikari and her upcoming transition and invite you to join us! Please pray:

  1. For Hikari to be able to adapt to a new environment in Germany and become increasingly comfortable speaking and writing in German and English.
  2. That she will find a good host family and Christian community.
  3. For her intensive ballet studies, which begin in September 2014.

Thank you!

Haruto Yoshii is Director of the Association of HomeSchoolers in Christ, a homeschool support group in Japan.

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