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August 16, 2013

Successful Convention, Post-disaster Update

Submitted by homeschool leaders in Japan

From Hiro Inaba:

Kids choir at the recent Chea Japan Convention

Thank you for your prayers for our 13th annual Chea Japan Convention, held May 23rd–24th in Osaka and May 31st–June 1st in Tokyo. God in His grace blessed it with about 1,000 homeschoolers and potential homeschoolers between the two locations.

We have now been preparing for our 12th annual homeschooling summer camp, where we are expecting about 200 homeschoolers and potential homeschoolers from all over Japan. In addition to parenting and homeschooling seminars, attendees will ride horses, engage in a water fight and, if they are willing and able, participate in adventurous activities such as jumping from a ledge 40 feet high into a river. God has blessed our camps in previous years and used them tremendously in the lives of others.

Fun with friends

Please continue to pray for it!

From Haruto Yoshii:

Please also pray for families in Japan as we continue to deal with the aftermath of the disastrous Fukushima tsunami and subsequent radioactive contamination. As I write, the radioactive contamination of the Kanto Plain region, which extends over Tokyo, is impossible to overlook. Many families, including homeschoolers, have had to leave their homes and move to places with less contamination. For example, Mr. & Mrs. Yamaguchi and their two children had moved from Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki prefecture to Soka, Saitama prefecture. Another family, the Komoris, have even decided to leave Japan for Australia, New Zealand, or America.

Tug-of-war challenge

In spite of this reality, there is the deep problem that the Japanese government, government-affiliated organizations, and almost all mass media seem to pretend like nothing happened. Many official channels say the accident has been addressed and that people who were evacuated should be come back to their homes. However, the fact is that the Fukushima accident has gone totally beyond human control.

Of course, this situation is concerning not only to home educators, but also to all Japanese people. The Japanese often keep up a mask of a cheerful and peaceful exterior but at the same time we are standing on the ragged edge.

In homeschooling news, recent elections for the upper house of the legislature may indicate there will be future attempts to diminish educational freedom. However, home educated graduates have done well moving onto college studies and becoming productive members of Japanese society, as well as being good examples for other Christian families. A number of young Christian families are considering and making the decision to start homeschooling their children due to the powerful presence of these homeschool graduates.

Hiro Inaba and Haruto Yoshii are leaders of the homeschool movement in Japan. Inaba is the President of CHEA Japan and Yoshii is the Director of AHSIC (Association of HomeSchoolers in Christ).

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