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February 2016

German Parent Flees, Gives Testimony

By Isa Hauck

Every year, many families leave Germany in order to homeschool their children, since homeschooling in Germany is outright illegal. My family is just one of the many that have left. In 2015 we moved across the border to France, just to be able to homeschool in freedom.

We greatly admire and support those who stay in Germany. For several different reasons, many families cannot take the risk of staying. Some, in my husband’s case, as a state employee, might lose their jobs. Some, as we have seen with the Wunderlich family, might have their children taken away from them.

Daniel and Isa with their sons

From what we have experienced so far, living right across the border is a very good solution. Here in Alsace, France, there are several homeschool families whose fathers work in Germany or Switzerland. Life is expensive here, and it is hard to leave your home country, but we know that it is worth everything as we see our children prosper under the guided education that homeschooling offers.

But what about the families that are still in Germany? We have been contacted by many parents who are interested in homeschooling, or who have recently taken their children out of the public schools. Right now, I know of four families that are urgently looking to move to France. The B. family is threatened by school authorities and the Jugendamt (the German social service).  Another family is facing fines. All they want to do is leave.

The problem is that it can take a lot of time to find a job and a place to live in a new country. However, these families often do not have that time. They need an immediate solution. We think that it would be great to have a guesthouse or apartment here, to be able to host families that are under pressure to leave the country. We feel that a solution like this would greatly benefit many people, and we have been praying for quite some time to find a way to make this happen.

Don’t get me wrong: I am thankful for families that stay and fight! Germany needs courageous families who stand up for their choice to homeschool—even if it means going through legal battles. But let’s not forget those who cannot stay in Germany. Please continue to pray for us German homeschool families!

Isa Hauck is young German mother, married to Daniel. She is a homeschooling mom of three little boys. She and her family reside in France.

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