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November 18, 2013

Media Champions Homeschooling

Submitted by Suomen kotiopettajat

Following the August resolution issued by Finland's Chancellor of Justice in support of homeschooling, there has been very positive media coverage about homeschooling in radio, television and newspapers. A number of Finnish homeschool families and board members of Suomen kotiopettajat have been interviewed in media and provided a positive representation of homeschooling. Links for several of the recent articles and videos are below (summaries in English; originals in Finnish).

Homeschooled children denied access to free school books

Professor of International Law and Human Rights Martin Scheinin from the European University Institute was interviewed by YLE, a large Finnish media outlet, about home education. Professor Scheinin, who is President of the International Association of Constitutional Law, stated that Finland in general has created a schooling system that protects freedom in education. The current system secures the right to free education and also gives parents right to educate otherwise. However, Professor Scheinin noted that homeschoolers are not equally treated, if the municipalities deny homeschool families equal access to school materials. The only valid reason is from a practical perspective, if a family decides to use different materials. That alternative is also at family’s disposal, adds Professor Scheinin.

Homeschooling: Better than studying in a public school

“Home education is a human right and parents have the right of to direct the education of their children,” says Suomen kotiopettajat chairman Juhani Paavolainen in an interview aired on Finnish national TV.

Homeschooling becomes more mainstream in Finland

“Homeschooling will continue to grow in popularity in Finland,” argues professor Christian W. Beck of the University of Oslo during an interview with Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland.

Suomen kotiopettajat is the national Home Educators Association in Finland.

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