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April 20, 2015

Bulgaria: Proposed Bill May End Decade-Long Effort to Legalize Homeschooling

Submitted by the Bulgarian Homeschool Association

Peter Porumbachanov, chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Home Education, meets with Milena Damyanova, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education

Changes in Bulgaria, as in every post-totalitarian country, occur slowly and with great difficulty. The Bulgarian Homeschool Association has now fought for over 10 years to establish freedom of education in Bulgarian legislation. Mr. Peter Porumbachanov, chairman of the Bulgarian Homeschool Association, recently had an official discussion in the Bulgarian Parliament with the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Mrs.  Milena Damianova. The discussion considered a proposed educational bill, which would officially allow Bulgarian families to homeschool. It is expected that the new law will be voted on soon in Parliament and enacted in 2016. Sadly, the national teachers syndicate is furiously protesting the proposed bill and is declaring that they oppose the legalization of homeschooling. We are hoping that through the support of the public and a number of national representatives, we will be able to achieve the change in legislation.

Many people in Bulgaria, as well as some university professors, support homeschooling. This year, our 10th National Homeschool Conference will take place in May. Host of the conference will be our oldest and largest university—"St. Kliment Ohridski" University of Sofia. This is wonderful breakthrough concerning public opinion in Bulgaria accepting homeschooling as something normal and natural. The conference will feature speakers from the University of Sofia, as well as several Bulgarian politicians.

Homeschooling families in Bulgaria are becoming more numerous. The annual national conferences that BHA organizes have helped considerably in popularizing homeschooling. More and more parents are withdrawing their children from the public system, unsatisfied with the study curriculums and the social environment. In this regard, the work of the Association is becoming even more important. We have a lot of work ahead of us. We thank the Lord for everything we have accomplished and for everything ahead of us. The fight goes on.

The Bulgarian Homeschool Association has been organizing homeschool conferences since 2005 and works to improve the legal climate for homeschooling, encourage current homeschoolers, and equip families interested in homeschooling.

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