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February 23, 2016

Stop Brazil from becoming the Next Germany on Home Education!

Mike Donnelly

Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly answers questions and assists members regarding legal issues. He is the director of international affairs.

Homeschool advocates in Brazil have told HSLDA that as many as 18 out of 26 Brazilian state prosecutors have filed an amicus brief in a homeschooling case before that country’s supreme court.

These prosecutors argue that homeschooling shouldn’t be permitted in Brazil. They point to the same tired arguments about socialization and parallel societies used by German and European courts to legitimize persecution of families who want to homeschool.  Now you can help spotlight the need for reform in these countries by supporting an event aimed at protecting the rights of parents to homeschool: the Global Conference on Home Education being held in Rio de Janeiro in three weeks. 

Although homeschooling is not explicitly recognized in Brazil’s national education law, the Brazilian Constitution does recognize the role of parents in their children’s education.  As homeschooling has grown here in the largest country in South America, it has gained attention.  Several bills addressing homeschooling have been filed in the national congress, although none have passed yet, and a number of supportive congressmen plan to participate in the global conference.

HSLDA and other homeschool companies and organizations are partnering with the Brazilian national homeschool organization to host this global conference where hundreds of advocates will meet to discuss home education as a right.

Even if you can’t make it to Rio, you can participate in the event via live stream. By registering for online access you can join homeschoolers from around the world to participate in this historic gathering and support the Brazilian homeschool community. You can register for live streaming here.

Activists in Brazil say that homeschooling is growing in spite of this hostility from some authorities.  And  lawmakers who support the practice are looking to countries like the United States for inspiration and encouragement.  Because Brazil is an influential country in Central and South America, supporting homeschooling there is important to the global freedom of home education.

By signing up for a conference pass and supporting this conference you will send the message that all governments should protect the important right of home education.  If you sign up for the live streaming pass we will also send you a copy of the Rio Principles—the conference declaration that home education is a right that must be upheld in all free countries.

Sign up for a copy of the Rio Principles and to access exclusive content from the Global Home Education Conference! Visit:

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