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August 31, 2015

Austrian Officials Go Far Beyond the Law

By - Bildung zu Hause Österreich

In Austria we have realized this year that freedom for homeschooling cannot be taken for granted, but is under attack from certain school authorities. In several Austrian states, the authorities are trying to add requirements for homeschooling going far beyond the regulations of the school laws. According to the law, homeschooling a child simply has to be announced by a short letter to the school authority; furthermore, no special qualifications is necessary for the teaching parent. The state of Steiermark, for example, now requires an extensive application form to homeschool, including a detailed schedule for the whole school year. One homeschool family refused to complete the form and went to court. Thank God—the Federal Administrative Court decided on July 16, 2015 that the homeschool family is right and the school authorities were wrong in requesting the invasive form. This is a real victory for the homeschooling movement in Austria. We hope that this case creates precedent for other authorities. On the other hand, we learned that it is becoming more and more important to be prepared—both financially and in our connections—to go to court to fight for our rights.

In June 2015, the Austrian Secretary of Education has issued a decree promoting the earliest possible detailed sex education of children, against the numerous protests of parents and Christian teachers. This changes makes it clear that the responsibility for sex education—and education in general—is taken away from parents and brought under state control.

Triggered by these and other events, many families have begun to think about alternatives to the public school system, as they see their very own parental rights endangered.

Therefore, the new Christian Homeschool Movement in Austria is attracting more and more interest. The invitations for the 2nd homeschool conference in St. Gilgen (Sept 17-20, 2015) went out in May 2015. Two key speakers will be featured, Theres Leistner (Ambleside School, Switzerland) will talk about the Charlotte Mason method in general, and Allyson Adriana (Cherrydale Press) will introduce her method of Charlotte Mason language learning. Quite a number of participants have enrolled for the seminar already!

For more information about the conference, or to learn how international families can help homeschoolers in Austria, please contact us at Thank you for all your assistance by reading, showing your interest, and praying!

Auke Boersma (chairman), Susi Mashraki (vice chairwoman), and Vera Laurien (cashier) for - Bildung zu Hause Österreich - Bildung zu Hause Österreich is an Austrian home education association. 

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