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United Kingdom
United Kingdom

June 29, 2015

Welsh Homeschoolers Need Your Help Immediately!

Sign Online Petition Before July 2

Support Homeschoolers in Wales

You will be required to enter your name, email address, and location to sign the petition. You have the option for your name to remain anonymous. You may sign even if you do not reside in Wales. For the required field titled “Post code,” please enter your ZIP code or postal code and then click “Find My Location.” The form will recognize that you reside outside of Wales and will provide a box for you to type in your country.

You may also submit a comment in support of home education freedom and expressing the problems with the draft home education guidance by emailing the Pupil Wellbeing Branch at the Department for Education and Skills at

Thank you for supporting Welsh homeschoolers!

Sign the Petition

Mike Donnelly Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly also serves as HSLDA’s director of international relations. He and his wife homeschool. Read more >>

Home educators in Wales have a few short days left to tell the government “no” to proposed home education guidelines.

Welsh families have banded together to defend their freedom and need your immediate help. The Welsh are petitioning the Minister of Education Huw Lewis to retract proposed guidelines that would impose additional and burdensome regulation on home schooling families.

Welsh homeschoolers agree that the current law is satisfactory but the new regulations would put power in the hands of local officials to restrict family freedoms in Wales. Welsh families are asking supporters of home education freedom to sign the petition before it closes on July 2.

“Welsh politicians are sensitive to outside criticism, so a large number of signatures [from around the world] would certainly be helpful,” said the homeschool mom in Wales organizing the petition effort.

Standing Together

Home educators defeated an attempt to impose regulation in 2012 and just learned of this second attempt weeks ago. A Facebook group of Welsh home educators are opposing the draft non-statutory guidance and have proposed talking points on their page called “Home Education Wales, draft guidelines.”

The group believes that “existing guidelines are fine and clearly set out responsibilities.” The proposed guidelines are not legitimate because they “fail to state clearly that there is no legal basis upon which to routinely monitor home educated children.”

The community is concerned that the new rules will “destroy trust and increase conflict between home educating parents and Local Authorities.” The draft guidance also “fails to state that Local Authorities should assume [home] education to be suitable, unless concerns exist to the contrary” and that “it is not the duty of the Local Authority to ensure that a suitable education is being received by the child, but the duty of the parent.”

The talking points available on the Facebook page also include a detailed, 18-point list of inaccurate statements about the current law included in the proposed new regulation.

Additional Support

Home educators in England and Northern Ireland are taking notice and offering support as well. One homeschool organization, Home Education Northern Ireland, explains on its website.

“We were touched by the support and attention the Northern Irish Consultation has received from around the UK and Ireland, and we are now in a position to offer support in our turn. What happens in one region will affect all others, so it is important to promote good practice within the law across the UK.”

Mike Donnelly, HSLDA’s director of global outreach, asks for support for Welsh home educators.

“The draft guidance ignores the current and appropriate legal framework for home education in Wales,” Donnelly stated. “If these new rules become effective the long-term negative consequences will set a bad precedent in the United Kingdom where homeschooling is free from unreasonable government intrusion. I am asking all home educators to join me in helping the Welsh homeschool community by letting Welsh government officials know that the home education community is watching and that we oppose this new burdensome proposal on behalf of our fellow home educators.”

HSLDA has written a response to Welsh Education Minister Huw Lewis demonstrating the issues with the proposed policy. You can read our response here.

Sign the petition against the proposed home education guidelines to send a clear message to the Welsh government.

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