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United Kingdom
United Kingdom

November 25, 2002

Homeschooling in the United Kingdom

Homeschoolers in England have been able to educate their children without undue interference from educational authorities. Wales is also enjoying a similar educational atmosphere. Scotland, on the other hand, is a little harder, and is dealt with on another webpage.

Education law and regulations are made by the government but are generally interpreted and implemented by local authorities. The law is somewhat vague and requires that children receive an education "suitable for their age and aptitude, at school or otherwise." The homeschoolers have successfully practiced under the term "otherwise." Often if the authorities find out that family is homeschooling, the family will get a visit from the Local Education Advisor to ensure that the child's education is adequate. Fortunately, most of these inspectors and advisors are not harassing the home educators. The law does not give them any specific authority to approve or disapprove the homeschool. In Scotland, on the other hand, home educators must first get approval of the local authority's Chief Education Officer.

Home Service was established ten years ago, and homeschoolers have yet to face a major court battle. The organization promotes homeschooling in the media, works to network homeschoolers in England, and spearheads strategies to expand parental rights to choose homeschooling.