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Home Education Growing in Ukraine
January 25, 2019: A new law has improved the legal climate for homeschooling in Ukraine, and has helped the movement expand.

Yalta Memorandum on the Protection of Family, Fatherhood, Motherhood and Morals
June 20, 2013: This important memorandum on parental rights was endorsed by over 50 organizations at the International Parents Forum. Download a PDF version >>

Advocates Ardently Fight to Protect the Family in Russia and Ukraine
May 9, 2013: Home education experts, leaders, and parents continue to initiate round table discussions and forums to dialogue with Russian and Ukrainian government officials about the right of parents and the importance of the family.

Ukrainian Family Advocates Speak out for Home Education
April 26, 2012:Over one thousand pro-family advocates recently gathered in Kiev to oppose encroachment by the state into the traditional realm of the family.

U.S. Homeschoolers Help Persecuted Families in Ukraine
After the Ukrainian embassy reported they received over 1,000 calls and emails, good things began to happen for Ukraine's homeschool families.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance law: 6-17

Legal status of homeschooling: Homeschooling is legal and expressly allowed for in Articles 59 and 60 of Ukraine’s Education Law. Practically speaking, there are few homeschoolers and home education is fairly unheard of. Similar to the United States, local authorities often ignore the federal laws and arbitrarily impose additional regulations.

Estimated number of home schoolers: Less than 100 families.

 Contact Information & Resources

Victor & Nadya Ovsyanik
Home: +38 0472 63 37 40
Cell phone (Victor):
+38 050 597 89 54
+38 098 208 19 89
SKYPE: ovsyaniks

Homeschooling: For Your Consideration” (English or Russian)
Please note: If you are within Ukraine, you can request this brochure to be sent to you free of charge.

Last Updated: January 1, 2016