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April 26, 2012

Ukrainian Family Advocates Speak out for Home Education

Submitted by the IPO “For Family Rights”

Over one thousand pro-family advocates recently gathered in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, to oppose encroachment by the state into the traditional realm of the family. On February 24-25, 2012, the second All-Ukrainian Parents’ Forum, supported by the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), specifically requested that the right of parents to direct the education of their children continue to be provided for and protected in the law. Participants came from every region of Ukraine as well as from several surrounding countries—including a representative from the IPO “For Family Rights” in Russia—and championed a number of other pro-family claims as well.

At the conclusion of the Forum, participants approved the “Ukrainian Forum Resolution.” The document’s key theme is the necessity to protect and strengthen the traditional family. The resolution includes several points worthy of particular attention:

-  Defending the right to home education;
-  Endorsing the pro-life San-Jose Articles of March 2011;
-  Endorsing the Saint-Petersburg Resolution of November 2011;
-  Opposing homosexual and radical feminist agendas; and
-  Opposing the “comprehensive sexual education” in government schools.

The document clearly and openly states: “The Forum participants unanimously declare that the family is based on the marriage of man and woman, and supporting them in the birth and upbringing of children is a foundation of the state.”

The Resolution also provides a set of recommendations for the president, legislators and government of Ukraine. In a letter to President Viktor Yanukovych, the Forum exhorts him to defend the priority of the traditional family and moral values and to oppose illegitimate use of international legal instruments for promoting so-called “sexual minorities’ rights,” radically interpreted “gender equality” and “reproductive rights,” “comprehensive sexual education” of children and youth, and unreasonably wide interpretations of children’s rights—all of which diminish the rights of parents and family.

Deputy Yulia Kovalevskaya welcomed the occurrence of the All-Ukrainian Parents’ Forum.

“I am confident,” stated Kovalevskaya, “that the Forum will be a positive step towards the restoration of traditional family values in the upbringing of children.”

One Forum participant noted that the All-Ukrainian Parents’ Forum and Resolution is very significant for the future of pro-family efforts in Ukraine: “As a whole, the resolution can be regarded as a comprehensive political program that recommends all the basic political, legal and social means necessary to protect the Ukrainian family in our challenged times.&rdequo;

Read the Ukrainian Forum Resolution (Russian).

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