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Homeschooling Spells Freedom
July 31, 2007: The Bangkok Post summarizes the current situation for homeschoolers in Thailand.

 Country Information

Compulsory Attendance Ages: 7–16

Legal Status: Homeschooling is legal. Thailand’s constitution and education law explicitly recognize alternative education and considers the family to be an educational institution. In addition, Thai homeschoolers successfully petitioned the government for a homeschool law, which was passed in 2004. Ministerial Regulation No. 3 on the “right to basic education by the family” governs homeschooling. Families must submit an application to homeschool and students are assessed annually.

 Contact Information & Resources

Chiang Mai Home Educator’s Cooperative for Kids

Thai Homeschool Network
Facebook pages: “Thai Homeschool Network”
and “Thai Homeschool Association”
POC: Patai Wonganutrohd
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