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March 16, 2011

Homeschool Family Publishes Book

By Mrs. Chuo-chuin Fan

Concerto of Love -- Book

The book Concerto of Love, with illustrations by the girls.

What is there for a single-parent homeschooling family, living in the middle of nowhere, to do?

Well, they can write a book.

A Concerto of Love is the title of a book recently published by a homeschool family in Taiwan. The father, Dr. Tsung-Lung Li, returned to Taiwan with his wife after receiving his doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Washington at Seattle in the United States. Unfortunately, he lost his wife to cancer when their two daughters, Arlene and Angela, were age 8 and 6.

The Li’s homeschooling experience seemed deprived in every sense from the outset—motherless, a rural countryside setting in the middle of orchards, no television, no video games, and almost no nearby relatives or neighbors. In the view of the public, the girls had little to no socialization outside of the family. They had to go to the university where their father taught, staying in his office writing workbooks while he gave lectures to the students. He had no time to teach them until after he finished his daily teaching and research work. However, the girls added whichever subjects they were interested in to their curriculum and studied day in and day out. Over the years, their perseverance paid off.

Arlene and Angela became best friends, having no one else to play with most of the time. They learned to play several musical instruments and enjoy reenacting
The Li Family

The Li Family

different opera characters on DVD. Opera gave them an intense fascination in foreign languages, and so they asked their father to take them to language schools for lessons. They are now fluent in English and have exposure to German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, in addition to memorizing a significant amount of Chinese literature.

Their many days spent going along with their father to the university at an elementary school age also proved its value when they sat in his general physics class and learned material alongside of college students.

The two girls, then 14 and 12, traveled abroad for the first time last summer. Their proficiency in foreign languages made the trip especially pleasant while traveling through several European countries. Their dreams of visiting the homes of their favorite composers, and hearing many opera performances, came true. It is the journals the girls kept during their trip that later led to the birth of the A Concerto of Love book, which was recently printed by a prominent publisher in Taiwan.

Mrs. Chuo-chuin Fan is the point of contact for the Mujen Chinese Christian Home Educators Association in Taiwan.

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