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July 23, 2010

Swiss Family Faces Legal Battle for Homeschooling

The canton of St. Gallen, in northeastern Switzerland, is one of only two Swiss cantons that have historically refused to allow parents to teach their children at home. In Switzerland, homeschooling is entirely regulated at the canton level, similarly to U.S. states’ governance.

Although the majority of Swiss cantons allow home education as an alternative to attending school, the canton of St. Gallen has adopted the position that homeschooling does not produce children who are socially well-adapted, an argument that is demonstrably untrue. Local Swiss homeschool families have attempted to disprove this allegation by consistent involvement in extracurricular activities, yet authorities continue to ignore the evidence. Swiss authorities also discount the teaching credentials of homeschooling parents, labeling these as “insufficient” proof of ability to teach one’s own children.

A St. Gallen family that has homeschooled for the past six years is fighting to continue doing so. Despite submitting all of the requested documentation, they have been denied permission to homeschool their children. The family filed an application for appeal which was rejected by the local court, and they have been given only a short amount of time to appeal their case before the High Court.

HSLDA is supporting the family as they fight through the Swiss court system for their homeschooling freedom. If you would like to financially assist international homeschoolers like this family, please visit the Home School Foundation’s website for its International Fund.

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