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Warm Greetings from a Persecuted Church in Guantanamo, Cuba
October 15, 2017: A homeschool advocate from Sweden visits the Rigal family and their church in Cuba and finds striking similarities (Swedish language).

Sweden May Use Police to Force Kids into School
June 14, 2017: In violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the national government is pressuring local authorities to enforce its anti-homeschooling policy.

The Last Homeschooling Family in Sweden
February 21, 2017: While others have fled to countries where homeschooling is protected, the Sandbergs are determined to stay and fight intense government harassment and repression.

Social Workers Drag Boy From Plane, Get Dragged Into Court
June 4, 2016: Swedish homeschool student Domenic Johansson, now 14-years-old, has tragically been in state custody for half his life.

Swedish Dad: My Family has been “Broken into a Million Pieces”
December 1, 2015: The Swedish Supreme Court has declined to hear the latest, and possibly last, appeal of Christer and Annie Johansson to be reunited with their son.

Help the Johansson Family Renew Their Case
March 24, 2015: Christer and Annie Johansson are introducing a new case to the Swedish courts in hopes of being reunited with their son.

Homeschoolers Look to Human Rights Court for Relief
February 24, 2015: A Swedish family is appealing to a European court in order to secure their rights to homeschool.

Swedish Chabad Emissary Taken to Court for Homeschooling Children
January 27, 2015: The Jewish Namdar family is back in court in Gothenburg, Sweden over their decision to homeschool their children.

Homeschool Family Separated for Years Fights Back
November 10, 2013: Family launches a “demand justice” campaign over social services attacks.

HSLDA Asks for Help for Swedish Family
November 5, 2013: Bereft of their son and mistreated by the courts, a Swedish homeschooling couple hopes to persuade local officials to help reunite their family.

Home Education: Prohibited
September 1, 2013: Interview with Swedish parents Tomas & Marita Sandberg about their decision to homeschool their children despite persecution. (Swedish)

Homeschooling Family Fined $15,000 by Swedish Supreme Court
August 19, 2013: The highest Swedish court has ruled against Jonas Himmelstrand and his family and fined them an exorbitant sum, even though they are currently in exile in Finland and are no longer living or homeschooling in Sweden.

Swedish Supremes Unmoved by Unprecedented Contact in Homeschool Case
June 11, 2013: A lawyer’s investigation reveals Swedish Supreme Court ignored requests from thousands and refused to hear case of boy taken from homeschooling parents.

Swedish Court Rejects Homeschool Family’s Desperate Appeal
April 30, 2013: The Swedish Supreme Court has rejected the desperate appeal of a homeschooling couple whose son was seized by the state four years ago. We vow to continue the fight.

Parents Fight To Regain Custody of Homeschooled Son
April 22, 2013: Yahoo’s coverage of the tragic Domenic Johansson case.

Desperate Homeschooling Parents Plead for Help—Hope Court Will Hear Case
April 16, 2013: Your letters, emails and faxes to the Swedish high court may be Annie and Christer Johansson’s last hope for having their son returned to them.

Family Sandberg runs their own school
February 21, 2013: The Sandberg family teaches their children at children at home and so each day break the law.

Sweden Pursues Homeschoolers … Again
December 29, 2012: It makes homes more comfortable with IKEA, driving safer with Volvo, and communication easier with Skype—but when it comes to homeschooling, the country of Sweden makes parents’ lives as difficult as possible.

Another Homeschool Victory Appealed by Government
December 14, 2012: The Swedish government is seeking to quash a favorable homeschool ruling in appeal.

Court Terminates Parental Rights in Homeschool Case
December 14, 2012: An appeals court panel in Sweden has imposed the “death penalty” on a homeschooling family, granting the state full custody of their son.

Family Execution—Swedish Style
December 11, 2012: An appeals court stunned a Swedish couple by terminating their parental rights in regard to their son, who has been in state custody for more than three years.

Johansson Family Back in Court
November 20, 2012: A government committee is appealing a court decision that upheld the parental rights of the Johanssons, whose son has been in state custody since 2009.

Abuse Remains Norm Despite Major Court Victory
October 22, 2012: In an unusual but welcome victory for homeschoolers in Sweden, an appeals court ruled that a Jewish family did have a right to homeschool their children in part because of their faith.

Persecuted & Exiled Swedish Homeschoolers “Walk to Freedom,” Vow to Fight On
July 19, 2012: A group of homeschoolers walk from Sweden to Finland in protest of Sweden’s ban on homeschooling

Leave Sweden to Find Freedom
July 6, 2012: Dozens of Swedish home educators will walk 100 miles from Sweden to the Åland Islands, Finland to symbolize the freedom to home educate that exists in Finland.

Parents of Boy Seized by State Hopeful after Favorable Court Ruling
June 14, 2012: A major breakthrough in the Johansson case gives hope!

Johansson Custody Dispute Continues
May 28, 2012: The Gotland municipality continues its attempt to remove custody of Domenic from his parents, although new developments show that Indian officials are advocating on behalf of the family, reports Swedish newspaper Världen Idag.

From Sweden Without Love
May 5, 2012: A political storm continues to rage around Domenic Johansson and his parents, reports Indian news source Pravasi Today. Author Christopher CM Warren decries Sweden as a “social prison.”

Swedish Homeschoolers Flee “Parental Inquisition”
April 10, 2012: Sweden used to be synonymous with freedom and safety. But today, Sweden is creating new political refugees: the homeschooler.

Interview with Swedish Homeschooler in Exile
March 23, 2012: An interview with Jonas Himmelstrand, president of the Swedish Home Educators Association, on the dire situation for homeschoolers in Sweden.

Outcry over Sweden’s Persecution of Homeschoolers Grows
March 22, 2012: As homeschooling families continue to flee Sweden in the face of escalating persecution, the global outcry over controversial Swedish policies is growing louder, says the New American.

Swedish Homeschool Family “Broken to Pieces”
March 21, 2012: CBN News airs the first television interview granted by Christer and Annie Johansson since their son Domenic was state-napped in June 2009.

Global Pressure on Parental Rights Mounting
March 19, 2012: Parents are threatened globally as Sweden persists in its hardline crackdown on homeschoolers and Canada threatens to pass a bill that would severely diminish homeschool freedom.

Homeschool Leader Flees Swedish Persecution
February 17, 2011: The president of the Swedish Association for Home Education (Rohus) has finally been forced into exile with his family in neighboring Finland.

Leviathan Groaning
February 17, 2012: Crisis magazine features the plight of the Swedish Johansson family and analyzes the increasing totalitarianism of Swedish officials.

Call to Action: Email Your Swedish Embassy
February 14, 2012: The homeschool situation in Sweden is rapidly deteriorating. Swedish families request urgent help from their fellow homeschoolers around the world and call for a massive email campaign to Swedish Embassies.

Sweden Says No Jewish Homeschooling
February 3, 2012: Jewish citizens in Sweden note that Sweden does not tolerate differences well, as a Jewish homeschooling family faces hefty fines.

Bullying by the Local Authorities
February 3, 2012: Swedish newspaper Värlen Idag says that the Himmelstrand family’s fine of nearly $26,000 for homeschooling amounts to bullying from their local municipal authorities (Swedish).

Fined for Homeschooling: 180,000 Swedish Kroner
February 3, 2012: The Himmelstrand family fights for their right to homeschool in the face of crippling fines. Swedish newspaper Dagen reports (Swedish).

Swedish Pol to Social Services Minister: Take Homeschooled Kids!
January 17, 2012: Sweden is moving swiftly toward complete intolerance of home education.

International Homeschooling—Watch Video from a Dozen Countries
January 2, 2012: Homeschoolers from across Europe gathered for a meaningful time of sharing experiences and learning about the homeschool laws in other countries.

Family of State-napped Swedish Child Savors Small Victory
December 20, 2011: The Gotland District Court has ruled against the Swedish social services in their quest to terminate Christer and Annie’s parental rights of Domenic.

Homeschool Leader Interviews
November 16, 2011: Hear about the current homeschool situations in a number of European countries, recorded at a recent European conference.

Officials Seek to Terminate Johansson Parenthood
October 7, 2011: HSLDA is asking all who care about families and homeschooling to again intervene on behalf of Annie and Christer Johansson, who may soon lose any right to parenting their son, Domenic.

Young Swedish Politicians Defend Homeschooling
October 3, 2011: Young Swedish politicians defended homeschooling in Svenska Dagbladet, the largest national conservative newspaper in Sweden.

Norway: Homeschoolers Meet for Encouragement
September 30, 2011: A Christian homeschool conference was held in Finsland, Norway, on 4 June 2011. God blessed the conference in many ways.

Fox News Discusses Domenic Johansson Case
September 27, 2011: A major U.S. news station addresses homeschooling in Sweden and the plight of Domenic Johansson on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano (around timestamp 2:05).

Fight or Flee
September 21, 2011: Liberty magazine provides in-depth coverage on the impact of Sweden’s new education law, which took effect July 1.

Criminal School
August 10, 2011: The Swedish political magazine Neo interviews Swedish homeschoolers and HSLDA’s own Michael Donnelly to understand the nation’s antagonistic policies toward homeschooling.

Swedish Magazine Highlights the UNCRC
August 3, 2011: Neo, a Swedish “classical liberal magazine,” provides in—depth coverage of the UNCRC—the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child—and recent developments in the Scandinavian nation.

Swedish Homeschoolers Forced to Flee Their Homeland—Video Translation
July 8, 2011: This is an unofficial translation of the approximately two—minute report aired on Rapport, a Swedish television nightly news program.

Call to Action: Sign Petition for Domenic Johansson
July 6, 2011: Please sign a new petition urging Swedish officials to reunite Domenic Johansson with his parents.

Compulsory Schooling From Age Three
June 9, 2011: A rising Swedish politician writes in favor of compulsory day care for 3—year—olds in Sweden’s second largest newspaper, “We cannot allow parents to deny their children the right to go to pre—school.” (In Swedish)

An American Homeschool Leader Goes to Europe
June 6, 2011: Read the first—hand account of a Colorado state homeschool leader as he met homeschoolers in England, Ireland, and Sweden.

President of Rohus Presents at Canadian Conference
May 28, 2011: Jonas Himmelstrand, president of the Swedish homeschool association Rohus, debunks the myth that Sweden is a social utopia at the Institute of Marriage and Family—Canada’s 2011 conference.

FreedomFest 2011 Held in Stockholm
May 22, 2011: The annual FreedomFest gathering highlights the status of homeschooling in Sweden. Rohus President Jonas Himmelstrand presents. (In Swedish)

Sweden’s Big Government “Utopia” Unmasked
May 16, 2011: As Crisis magazine argues, the Johansson case is one of several scandals now undermining Sweden’s reputation as a model of democratic socialism.

Universal Daycare Leaves Sweden’s Children Less Educated
April 26, 2011: A Canadian newspaper published an article by Rohus President Jonas Himmelstrand in connection with his recent visit to Canada for a guest lecture.

ECHR Addresses Johansson Case, Letter—Writing Campaign Successful
April 14, 2011: After nine months, the European Court of Human Rights has finally assigned a case number to the application filed on behalf of the Johansson family.

In Breakthrough, Swedish Appeals Court to Hear Homeschooling Case
March 25, 2011: In an important development, a Swedish appeals court has decided to take the case of two homeschooling families.

A Fundamental Difference: Home Education in Sweden and Finland
February 28, 2011: A Swedish parent gives an inside look at the difficulty his family experienced while homeschooling in Sweden, their decision to leave their homeland, and their positive experience in Finland.

The School Law is Clear
February 23, 2011: Swedish homeschoolers find little sympathy from courts and officials in Sweden, who continue to take a hard—line stance on this critical issue.

Continued Battle for Homeschooling
February 23, 2011: Uppsala Nya Tidning, a local Swedish newspaper, interviews homeschool mom Lisa Angerstig, who has been fined and is in court for the decision to homeschool her son.

Pro—family Group Puts Pressure on European Court over Notorious Homeschooling Case
February 3, 2011: The Alliance of Romanian Families is intervening in the case of Domenic Johansson.

Father Jailed for Visit with Son Set Free
January 22, 2011: After two months, Christer Johansson has been released from jail.

Immediate Action Requested: Letter—Writing Campaign for the Johansson Family
January 11, 2011: Please help HSLDA undertake a letter—writing campaign to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), where the Johanssons’ case is languishing. The ECHR has failed to take any action or provide any response since the case was filed in June 2010.

Urgent Action Needed: Send Cards to Johansson Family in Sweden
December 13, 2010: Please send notes of encouragement to homeschooling father Christer Johansson, who is in a Swedish prison.

Swedish Homeschooler’s Book Focuses on Family
November 23, 2010: Jonas Himmelstrand gives a video interview discussing key points in his new book about the breakdown of family relationships in his native Sweden.

Sweden Denies Due Process to Family, Disregards Legal System
October 25, 2010: Swedish officials have abridged the rights of yet another homeschool family by not allowing them to appeal the second denial of their application to homeschool.

Government’s Claws Dig Deeper in Johansson Case
October 6, 2010: Domenic Johansson remains in state custody following a Swedish judge’s recent ruling, based in part because he was homeschooled. The family now looks to the European Court of Human Rights for justice.

Homeschoolers Leave Sweden under Pressure and Protest
September 30, 2010: Yet another Swedish family encounters great difficulty for homeschooling their children, and this time, the family has had enough.

Swedish Magazine Covers Homeschool Struggle
September 13, 2010: The latest issue of the Swedish cultural magazine, Axess Magasin, includes a carefully neutral article about homeschooling. The article quotes pro—homeschool individuals, including a professor of law, a columnist, and an author/historian, yet gives a majority of space to Swedish government officials who state their prejudices about homeschooling without any evidence (see HSLDA’s open letter to Swedish politician Bertil Östberg). (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Östberg’s Comments Moving Sweden Down Dangerous Path
September 9, 2010: HSLDA’s director of international relations posts an open letter to Sweden’s top education officials, warning that their statist philosophy and persecution of homeschooling can only harm families and freedom.

Homeschoolers Vow to Continue in Face of New Law
August 23, 2010: Homeschoolers in Sweden state they will continue to homeschool this coming year, with or without government permission.

Take Action to Support Swedish Homeschoolers
Please take a moment to post a comment to an article on homeschooling in the Swedish newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning and help your fellow homeschoolers.

Homeschooling Conference Encourages Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Homeschoolers
August 10, 2010: Last month, an international homeschooling conference held in Telemark, Norway allowed the presidents of three Nordic homeschool associations to meet for the first time.

New Education Law Makes Homeschooling Illegal
July 7, 2010: Persecuted Swedish homeschoolers now face greater difficulty after the passing of a new education law that further restricts homeschooling

New American: Sweden Bans Homeschooling, Religious Instruction
June 28, 2010: The Kingdom of Sweden took a dramatic turn toward totalitarianism with the adoption of a sweeping new education “reform” package that essentially prohibits home schooling and forces all schools to teach the same government curriculum.

Sweden Denies Due Process to Family
June 14, 2010: In a stunning display of bureaucratic indifference and contempt of due process rights, a local Swedish court has removed a highly qualified attorney from the Johansson case.

Swedes Need Help in Final Push to Avoid Extreme Homeschool Law
June 8, 2010: International pressure could make the difference for Swedish homeschoolers fighting to prevent Sweden’s parliament from passing a law that would essentially ban homeschooling.

Petition: Return Dominic Johansson to His Parents!
May 10, 2010: Join thousands in signing an online petition demanding that Swedish authorities return Dominic Johansson to his homeschooling parents.

Committee Meeting Rescheduled—Contact on Behalf of Johanssons
May 6, 2010: The meeting of the Social Service Committee to discuss Dominic Johansson’s return to his parents has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 12 after the original meeting was canceled.

Please Reconsider Policies Toward Homeschooling
March 26, 2010: HSLDA emailed members of the Swedish Parliament, urging them to reconsider proposed laws that would make it all but impossible to legally homeschool in Sweden.

Contact Swedish Social Services Committee on Behalf of Johansson Family
April 16, 2010: Dominic Johansson’s return to his parents is to be discussed by the Swedish Social Services Committee on Friday, April 23, 2010.

Home Education at Stake in Court Case
March 24, 2010: Uppsala Länsrätt (a lower court) this Tuesday handled a case about the rights of parents, in certain cases, to teach their own children instead of letting them go to school.

The Family Who Has School in Their Living Room
March 24, 2010: Home education is as far removed from school as you can get. Never any tests or homework. No classroom and no classmates. The Himmelstrand family in Storvreta have schooled at home and can’t imagine a better teaching environment.

Homeschooling on Swedish TV—Världen Idag
March 19, 2010: This 14—minute Swedish television spot on homeschooling begins 11 minutes and 40 seconds into the program. The first part is a visit to the home of Swedish homeschool activist Mischa Hammarnejd, who is now living in exile, and his homeschooled son Simon. The second part is a debate between a conservative member of parliament , Mats Gerdau, and Rohus Deputy President Cina Wallén.

The Whole World is Their Classroom
March 11, 2010: Four families share why they homeschool and the joys they experience from home—educating their children.

Sweden Takes A Hardening Line
March 8, 2010: A new law which would allow for home education only under “extraordinary circumstances” is awaiting finishing touches before it is brought before the entire Swedish Parliament where it is expected to pass.

Homeschooling Families Threatened with Penalties
March 2, 2010: The Swedish newspaper Världen Idag reports on the persecution of homeschoolers. “We are harassed as if we were criminals, despite the fact that what we are doing is lawful,” one family states. (Swedish language)

Red Light for Homeschooling
March 1, 2010: The Swedish newspaper Värlen Idag covers the inreasing official opposition to homeschooling. (Swedish language)

Update: Further Legal Action Being Explored in Johansson Case
February 22, 2010: HSLDA and the Alliance Defense Fund are aggressively exploring all available legal options to ensure that Swedish authorities return custody of a 7—year—old boy to his homeschooling parents.

Court Upholds State—Sponsored “Kidnapping” of Homeschooled Boy
December 22, 2009: As most people count their blessings and prepare to enjoy Christmas with family, many others face serious struggles. Among these is the Swedish family of Annie and Christer Johansson whose only child, 7—year—old Dominic Johansson, was “kidnapped” by Swedish authorities in June of this year.

Critique of Proposed Swedish Homeschooling Legislation
October 5, 2009: This independent study by a retired professional educator was presented to Sweden's department of education.

The Express: Family in Shock after Authorities Take Son
September 16, 2009: Municipal authorities overruled a Swedish couple's decision to homeschool their son. (Swedish language)

Sweden—the Next Germany for Homeschoolers?
September 16, 2009: After battling authorities over the right to homeschool their 7—year—old son, a Swedish couple had their boy taken away by police just as they were about to leave the country.

Signatures Needed to Oppose Restrictive Homeschool Legislation
July 21, 2009: On June 15, 2009, the Swedish government released its draft for a new school law, which, if passed, would impose severe restrictions on parents wishing to homeschool their children.

Laigle’s Forum: Homeschooled Boy Snatched from Plane in Sweden
September 16, 2009: Swedish police took a 7—year—old boy away from his parents just as they were about to depart for India where they planned to homeschool their son.

Johansson Resource Page
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Legal status of homeschooling: A new education act came into effect July 1, 2011 that has effectively banned homeschooling. Homeschooling is only allowed with the permission of municipal (kommun) authorities in “exceptional circumstances.” Families who had been home educating successfully for many years prior to 2011 were suddenly denied permission and threatened with the social authorities and fines of up to 20,000 euros per child and year. This has led to Swedish home educators fleeing Sweden to other nearby countries where home education is permitted.

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The Swedish Association for Home Education (Rohus)
Jonas Himmelstrand, president
Marita Sandblad, vice president and treasurer
Ellinor Petersen, secretary
Mai Carlström, member
Cina Wallén, member
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Martin Book, deputy member
Fredrik Niemelä, deputy member

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