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June 3, 2011

Call to Action: Sign Petition for Domenic Johansson

Help reunite 9-year-old Domenic Johansson with his family

Sign the Petition NOW

From July 3–10, Swedish elected officials, journalists, and political activists will gather in the Swedish city of Visby, Domenic Johansson’s hometown, for a major “Festival of Politics.” Through Sunday, politicians will make important speeches and hundreds of official and unofficial meetings will take place. Jonas Himmelstrand, president of Rohus, the Swedish Association for Home Education, will give a presentation to inform attendees of the status of homeschooling in Sweden.

In the midst of this event, an online petition has been started to bring attention to the continued plight of the Johansson family. In the words of the supporters of Domenic: “Let’s make sure that the tragedy of Domenic’s separation from his parents is brought to light at this major event. Please view the petition to Sweden’s elected officials and top politicians and add your signature to bring these important questions to the forefront during this major political conference.”

HSLDA Director of International Relations Michael Donnelly notes that the Johansson family deserves our support.

“The more than two-year separation of Domenic from his parents, Christer and Annie, is truly a tragedy. Please take a moment and add your signature to this petition. Through the efforts of many, we hope to draw renewed attention to this case during the festival in Visby, Sweden.”


In June 2009, Swedish police boarded a plane and took Domenic Johansson into state custody before the family could depart for Mrs. Johansson’s home country of India. The police had no warrant and did not charge the Johanssons with a crime.

The family continues to be kept apart through the deplorable actions of Swedish government officials. Nine-year-old Domenic remains in state foster care, now separated from his parents Christer and Annie for over 25 months.

For further information, please visit “ECHR Addresses Johansson Case.”