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September 13, 2011

Court Victory: “Thank Heaven and Thank HSLDA”

The González family, who reside near Alicante, Spain, were giving thanks to God and to HSLDA after a judge dismissed their case this week. The family were facing a possible order to send their child back to school after prosecutors brought the case over homeschooling. HSLDA filed a brief and spearheaded an international petition for the family.

“The judge dismissed the prosecution’s case ... we believe that your report has been very important for the judge’s decision. Thank you all, thanks Mike, and thank heaven,” Mila and Rodolfo Gonzalez wrote in an email to Michael Donnelly, HSLDA’s director for international relations.

The González family were very concerned that after having homeschooled for a year they might have to send their son to public school. The family were in court for an initial hearing this past Friday, September 9, where they submitted the HSLDA brief along with other evidence and material. The family had been prepared to wait for months as the court deliberated. But it was clear that the Spanish judge had been influenced by the international petition and HSLDA’s brief over the weekend when she dismissed the case early Monday morning, allowing the family to continue to homeschool their son.

Donnelly, who met the family in a recent trip to Spain, said he was pleased by the result. He was especially delighted by the positive effect of the HSLDA brief and a petition signed by homeschoolers from all over the world. The petition—supported also by ALE— Asociación por la Libre Educacion, the largest national homeschooling group in Spain—garnered nearly 1,200 signatures in a just a few days.

“This is an important victory for the González family, and I’m sure it’s encouraging for other Spanish homeschooling families. Our staff translated the brief in record time, so that it would be available for the hearing. It is exciting to hear that the judge was influenced by it. We are grateful to the thousands of homeschoolers in America and internationally who took action to support this family by signing the petition. By working together we can advance the cause of freedom for home education,” he said.

HSLDA received a simple, one-line email from the family’s attorney Monday morning after the judge released her opinion. Joaguin Rodriguez wrote to HSLDA: “Hemos ganado!” which means, “We won it!”

The family expressed their appreciation for HSLDA’s involvement.

“Everything in our situation is becoming easier, thanks to HSLDA,” wrote the González family in an email to HSLDA. “We believe that your brief was extremely important in the judge’s decision,” said Mila González. “Such a clear resolution in our case is great news. The judge completely dismissed the prosecution’s case, which means that our son can remain a homeschooler!”

There are other families in Spain who face difficulties over homeschooling. HSLDA believes it helps all homeschoolers when we fight for freedom wherever it is threatened. To support HSLDA’s work internationally visit the Home School Foundation and consider contributing to the international fund.

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