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South Korea
South Korea

September 30, 2011

A Brief Sketch on the Korean Christian Homeschooling Movement

By KCHA staff

Since 2000, the Korean Christian homeschooling movement has entered a new era. Before that time, there were few homeschooling families in this country; however, a decade ago, several homeschooling families in our country began to gather together and support each other. Thus, sooner or later, the Korea Homeschool Alliance (KHA) was born. Two to three years later, a group of South Korean homeschool leaders and families, together with several American homeschool families who had come to Korea to help us, founded the Christian Home Educator’s Association of Korea (CHEA Korea).

In early 2006, South Korean homeschool leaders of the two organizations agreed to merge together and to help many homeschool families in this country more effectively and powerfully. Therefore, the present Korea Christian Homeschool Association (KCHA) came into this world and has since continued to work for many homeschool families here in Korea.

Currently, homeschooling is not technically permitted by law in South Korea—but neither is it prohibited! While the South Korean government announced plans to begin the process to legalize homeschooling in 2008, this goal has not yet been realized. Thus the legal climate for homeschooling in our country has not changed substantially since then. An unfortunate side effect of the stagnation of the legalization process is that the growth of the homeschool population of South Korea has about come to a standstill.

In light of this, we are excited to announce KCHA’s upcoming 2011 National Homeschool Family Conference, scheduled for November 11–12 in Jechon, the middle part of South Korea. Dr. Brian Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute, will be the keynote speaker. The conference will include a number of topical tracks, general sessions, and fun family activities.

We need your prayer and support so much here in Korea. Please pray for South Korean homeschool leaders and families and for our government!

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