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South Africa
South Africa


Legal Changes in South Africa
October 5, 2018: Homeschooling families in South Africa face a great deal of uncertainty as the government considers new restrictions on home education.

Calls Made to Try and Halt Homeschooling Policy Approval
August 7, 2018: A South African newspaper reports that about 1,000 calls and emails were sent to the Department of Basic Education only days before the Council of Education Ministers approved its homeschooling policy.

New Homeschooling Law to be Implemented
August 7, 2018: A controversial homeschooling policy has now been approved by the Council for Education Ministers (CEM), and will become a new law. The policy will provide for the registration, implementation and monitoring of homeschooling across South Africa.

The First Battle in the War against Education Freedom
March 28, 2018: National legislation introduced last year seems intent on granting the government greater control home education.

South Africa Homeschoolers Face New Threats
November 14, 2017: A review of the laws and policies on home education started in 2014, and it is still ongoing.

South Africa Threatens to Overturn Advances in Homeschool Freedom
A new law proposed in South Africa would impose dramatic new burdens on homeschooling families and authorize the government to jail noncompliant parents for up to six years.

South African Family Ripped Apart
The Doe family (name changed) in KwaZulu-Natal were devastated. They homeschool their children for reasons related to their religious conviction. In April, the Children’s court ordered that the three young children be removed and placed in the care of their grandparents, where they are compelled to attend school.

All on the Same Grid: Home Education in South Africa to be micromanaged by the State
August 8, 2014: At the time of the constitutional change in South Africa in 1994, education was in a sad state. Black children were still being taught under the much-criticized system of Bantu Education.

Western Cape Attacks Homeschoolers
August 8, 2014: Homeschooling parents were recently shocked when the Western Cape Education Department not once, but twice attempted to curb the liberty of parents to choose what is in the best interest of their children.

South Africa: Homeschooling running into heavy weather
December 2013: A serious threat to home education comes from the direction of one of the teacher unions that is attempting to maneuver into a position to have the sole ability to assess homeschooled children—and compel assessment.

Serious Threat to Home Education
October 31, 2013: The Pestalozzi Trust, the legal defense organization for homeschoolers in South Africa, analyzes the new SACAI “Assessment Instruction” on home education.

Over 50,000 Homeschoolers in South Africa and Growing
February 8, 2013: A blogger writing in Afrikaans reports on the growing homeschool movement.

National Curriculum not Binding on Private Education
March 25, 2011: Judge Cynthia Pretorius confirmed in the Pretoria High Court today that the state curriculum is not binding on independent schools and parents who educate their children at home.

Curriculum Mandate for Homeschoolers
South African homeschool leaders express outrage over the government's plan to mandate one curriculum for all schools, including homeschools. This article, from a prominent South African newspaper features interviews with the leaders of the Pestalozzi Trust Legal Defense Fund, a group that works closely with HSLDA to protect homeschool freedoms in South Africa.

South Africa Minister Of Education Attempts to Stop Religious Teaching in Homeschools
Hundreds of thousands of South Africans find the requirement for religion education from a "neutral" perspective to be tantamount to blasphemy.

South African Homeschoolers Concerned About Religious Persecution
In a speech to the National Association of Professional Teachers Organisations of South Africa, Education Minister Kader Asmal accuses Christians of intolerance.

A Critique on South Africa's New National Curriculum Proposal (Fed 2002)

Home School Freedom Threatened in South Africa (Jan 1999)

Home Schooling in South Africa (Oct 1997)

South Africa: The Struggle for the Freedom to Home School (May 1997)

 Country Information

Compulsory education ages: 7-15

Legal status of homeschooling:
Legalized by the South African Schools Act No. 84 of 1996, each province has the authority to set its own standards. Home learners are required to register with provincial education departments. However, provincial education departments set numerous unlawful preconditions for registration.

Estimated number of home schoolers:

 Contact Information

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Theocentric Christian Education
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Association for Homeschooling
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