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Homeschooling in Slovenia
A Croatian homeschool group lists details about homeschooling in Slovenia. (Croatian)

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance:
9 years of education required, age not specified

Legal status of home schooling:

Homeschooling is legal. The Slovenian Law on Elementary School (ZOsn - Ul. RS, št. 81/06, 102/07) states in § 1, Art. 5 that parents have the right to choose the elementary education of their children in public or private schools or at home. § 7 on “Homeschooling” or “Izobra ževanje na domu” (Art. 88–92) provides further instructions for how to homeschool legally, including reporting and assessment requirements. Please review the pertinent sections in the laws below for further details.

Law in English

Law in Slovenian

 Contact Information

** If you have knowledge of homeschooling in Slovenia, please contact HSLDA. Thank you!

Last Updated: January 1, 2016